Zombie Ball – October 26, 2013

 The official Sigma Phi Phi news page! for information on Sigma Phi Phi (Syphers), Leo Con, and other con related events.




Election results will be available this Friday at 5:30 meeting. Come meet the new Officers!

Sigma Phi Phi has end of the semester shin ding this Friday at 6:00pm

Shin ding consist of games and  fun!!



If you like conventions and want to go to more of them after Leo Con check out the Texas Convention Awareness Project at

All the hard work for this is done by our friend Jedi Cole.




New special guest joins Leo Con 2013 line up!
Doctor Matt Barton of  MATT CHAT fame



Leo Con 2013 Preregistration is now available. stay tuned for more leo con news!


3/11/2013  Just a quick reminder about  the up coming Aggie con taking place on March 22 – 24. for more info please check them out at the following



3/7/2013      Leo Con 2013 preparations are well on there way. This year we have special guest




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