Guests of Honor

The Guest of Honor for Leo Con 2013 are:

Doctor Kukhee Choo of Tulane University.

  Dr Choo received her doctoral degree from the University of Tokyo with her dissertation
“The  making of cool Japan: The Japanese government’s cultural and economic policies towards the anime industry in the global age”. Her research interest lies in transnational media flow, gender and post-colonialism, and cultural policies in Asia.


Mr. Hall Hood from Bio Ware.

His Credits include Being the lead writer for the Jedi Knight story in Star War:The Old Republic (SWTOR ). Co-writing the Smuggler class story for  SWTOR. He has also written content for the upcoming expansion  Rise of the Hutt Cartel. Mr. Hall has also written on various film & TV projects and Ultima 2


Brian-brinlee      Brian Brinlee at deviant art

      Brian Brinlee

I am a full-time illustrator living in Texas. I work mostly in comics, Sky Pirates of Valendor & Runeslingers, but I have also done work for several role-playing game companies, websites, fanzines, private clients, and have even dabbled in advertising work.



matt-chat  Matt Chat

 Armchair Arcade

Dr. Matt Barton, a digital humanist at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. Author of several books and articles on the history of videogames and the managing editor of Armchair Arcade, Matt is one of the best-known and respected academics studying videogames today.


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