Cosplay Rules and Contest Forms


Cos-play Rules:

1) NO REAL WEAPONS: You may bring prop weapons to take photos with but please do not swing around, spar with or hit people with your props.

2) NO R OR NC-17 RATED COS-PLAYS: This is a public convention and there will be children. So, if your outfit falls under the category of “indecent exposure” you may be asked to change.

3) NO ALCOHOL: End of story. If you would like to have alcohol do it sometime and someplace outside of the con.

4) DO NOT HARASS PEOPLE: Please use common courtesy when dealing with both con attendees and non-con attendees.

5) PLEASE WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE: Once again, this is a public, family convention. So, even if your character curses like a sailor please try to keep it to a minimum.

6) PLEASE WATCH YOUR VOLUME: This building echoes and there will be people trying to run panels throughout the con, so what would normally be an acceptable indoor volume may be too loud. If you and/or your friends would like to talk a lot there are rooms open on every floor that can accommodate you.

7) DO NOT BLOCK THE DOORS: Once again, there will be rooms available if you and/or a group of your friends would like to just sit down and relax.

8) PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF: Remember, the friendly staff members at Leo Con are not your mother.

9) DO NOT POST CRUDE/OBSCENE THINGS TO THE FORUM BOARD: This board is meant to make it easier for people of similar interests to meet up at the con, not for you to draw pornographic images or flame another interest group.

10) DO NOT MESS WITH THE TECH: Some things may stop working during a panel or you may wish to use a computer/projector/ect. in one of the rooms. Please resist the urge to do it yourself and get a staff member to help you. This is a legal issue and a campus rule, so please adhere to it.

11) PLEASE ASK A PERSON BEFORE YOU TOUCH THEM AND/OR THEIR COSPLAY: Often people may have different comfort levels from your own, so do not assume that they will be okay with whatever you plan to do. Also, many cosplayer’s costumes are very delicate and can tear/break easily. You may love this person’s character with a burning passion, but please contain yourself until you ask permission.

12) A LEGAL ID IS NECESSARY TO GET IN TO THE 18+ AREAS OF THE CON: If you do not have an id you don’t get in to these areas, end of argument.


To registrar for the Cos-play contest please fill out the form below:

Cos-play registration page is now closed.



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